Quantity: 500 checks per pack
Color: Green

This package contains 500 sheets of Green Economy Voucher Checks

Each sheet (8.5" x 11) includes one check on the bottom third of the page, two stubs above, micro-perforated at 3.5" and 7" from top edge.

Security features include tamper (bleach) protection, toner adhesion lock, microprint lines, and artificial watermarks. 

Compatible with: QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Online®, Quicken®, Sage50®, MS® Dynamics, MAS90 and more.
Blank check paper offers extra storage security and the convenience of updating checking account information anytime. For best results and automated check clearing to comply with bank regulations, please use MICR Toner in your laser printer.

By buying the blank laser voucher checks, you are getting the following:
  1. 100% compliance with ANSI X9 banking standards
  2. Save 60-85% per pack vs. pre-printed mail order checks
  3. For use with all accounting software products
  4. Contains 500 sheets, one check per sheet, of Blue - diamond pattern business-size checks
  5. Compatible with: QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Online®, Sage50®, MS® Dynamics, MAS90 and more

Security Features:

  • MicroPrint bottom border - the word CHAX printed in pantograph bottom border appears as dotted line when photocopied
  • Original document - absence or modification of €œOriginal Document€? screen of back of check
  • Colored background - colored pattern on face of check will be absent when altered or photocopied
  • MICR alignment marker - visually align your MICR line to correct printing errors to comply with bank regulations