Collection: Debt Collection Software

CHAX: Debt Collection Software - Accept Check Payments by Phone / Fax / E-mail 

CHAX®: The most cost-effective check by phone, check by fax and checks by e-mail debt collection software available. Checks by phone, fax, or e-mail software allows you to enter your customer's check information, print the information on a blank check form, and deposit the check to any U.S. bank for deposit the same day.

Now, collecting payments by check has never been easier or more convenient. When a customer says, "I'll put the check in the mail," you just tell them to CHAX® it - by fax, phone, or web. With the help of CHAX® user friendly software, simply input the check information into any PC, print out a check, and deposit it. Then it's back to business as usual. It doesn't get any easier than that. Just about anyone can use CHAX®, from a sole proprietorship to major corporations, if you need to receive check payments, you can use CHAX®.