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CHAX 10 Professional - Check Draft - Debt Collection Software

CHAX 10 Professional - Check Draft - Debt Collection Software

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CHAX Debt Collection Software – Check-By-Phone and Check-By-Email Funds Transfer System – No Additional Transaction Fees – Same Day Deposit  

Product Description

The CHAX check draft software is an instant funds transfer system that allows you to accept check payments by phone, email, or fax, being an essential tool for any business, corporate or small!

Collecting payments by checks is now only 3 easy steps away, with this check draft software, which features a user-friendly interface! Simply enter your customer’s check information, print your checks, and deposit it to the bank the same day with no extra fees!

CHAX puts a premium on your data’s safety, developing secure and fast methods of fund transfer. Your customer bank data is saved on your machines and is not susceptible to data breaches, unlike other online services.  Deposit your checks as normal with mobile banking apps, ATMs, or remote teller check scanning machines. Using CHAX is in fact much safer than paying with credit cards. Unlike a credit card number, a CHAX check must be deposited in a bank account.

Unlimited transactions and payers without any fees, autosave payer info, auto-populate, multi-level security settings, print reports with historical transactions, and network compatibility are just a few of the extra features this check writer software comes equipped with!

Now, collecting check payments has never been easier, cheaper, or more convenient. When a customer says, " I'll put the check in the mail, " just tell them to CHAX it!

With the help of CHAX check collection software, simply enter the check information into any PC, print out a check, and deposit it the same day with no additional fees.

Save on check delivery fees, and save hundreds compared to other payment processing fees like credit cards.

New for 2021 and built from the ground up. CHAX is better than ever with brand new features and a new user interface!

Compatible with Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 & 11

New features:

  • Bulk import check transactions via CSV/Excel file (ENTERPRISE EDITION ONLY)
    • You can now import check transactions faster without manually entering them

  • Print imported/batch checks in 3 per page check style! (ENTERPRISE EDITION ONLY)
    • Save $$$ on checks and wasted stubs by using affordable 3-per-page checks

  • One button transaction record export to excel
    • Export transactions for better record keeping and to use with your accounting software

  • Customize the check layout
    • Change the look and feel of your checks

  • Print preview window
    • Take a look at your check to see how it looks before you print it on paper.

  • Quick reprint/re-use transaction panel window
    • Reprinting a failed check or recurring check is faster than ever

  • Enable/disable EPC code
    • You can now opt-in/out to using the Bank EPC code printed on checks

  • Export/backup database with a button click
    • For those that need disaster recovery or quick software transfers

  • Enable/disable check face lines
    • Remove the printed lines on the check face

  • Bank routing number quick editor
    • Update bank details quickly with search functions
    Printed amount limit: $999,999
    To accept more than $1 million, please use Enterprise.

    For a low, initial cost and just pennies a check, you can stop waiting for checks, eliminate wasting time on collection calls, improve cash flow, and best of all, you'll never need to hear another person say, "the CHECK is in the mail," again. 

    Money-Back Guarantee
    Take us up on our risk-free offer. Try CHAX for 30 days. If you are not convinced that CHAX is the fastest, easiest, and most economical collection tool you've ever used, simply return the software within 30 days for a refund* (less shipping and handling). Please call us to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. You will receive instructions for returning the software.
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